Something more than sterling.

Something more than sterling’

Poem written by Chloe Passey sat on the bus from Vang Vieng to Vientiane
Sat 25th October 2014

Saving for years, to get enough money,
Dreaming of sea, rivers and skies that are sunny.

At first it was great and all I had dreamed,
Now nearly two months and things not what they seemed.

A budget is hard, the pounds they don’t last,
Working 9-5, I felt richer in the past!

Selfish and greedy, I just want to shop,
But wallet being so tight, I buy nothing, I must stop.

These feelings of want, desire, build inside,
I’m taunted by goods, by markets so wide.

It should not hurt, not to spend and to buy,
But a shopaholic wants, and without wants to cry.

They’re stupid feelings that need to be crushed,
A purse, bag or necklace need not be a must.

For there are views to be had and adventures to be lived,
Ignore those markets, instead of take, learn to give.

The world is so vast, it’s time to open your eyes,
Stop taking for granted those heavenly skies.

Absorb all the nature, take everything in your stride,
Let go of your comforts, and jump on for the ride.

The mountains are dense and green all around,
They are priceless you see? You need not rely on the pound.

Stare up at the clouds, the sun edges them with gold,
Or watch a sunset, pinks and oranges as the night slowly unfolds.

Learn to love the mattress on the floor,
Be grateful you are surrounded by four walls, a roof and a door.

You may be on a budget, but you still eat well,
Don’t be spoilt with your choices, no food would be hell!

You keep wishing of home on your trail,
Please don’t wish away your time, soon you’ll be old and frail.

Make your dreams come true, appreciate what you have now,
Stop being such a miserable cow!

Instead, take each moment and be glad it has been given to you,
You don’t want to look back on feelings so blue.

Treasure what you have, the views, people, adventures good and bad.
For when you are old, the happy with outweigh the sad.



5 thoughts on “Something more than sterling.

  1. Christmas time will soon be here
    A little gift in your account
    Should bring you some cheer!
    A chance to buy yourself a little treat
    To put around your neck
    Or on your little feet!

    We are so proud of you Clo
    You have done so much
    In Thailand and now in Laos
    Loving the pics and updates too
    Without Skype
    What would we do?

    Love you xx

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