The flight of the firefly

The flight of the firefly
By Chloe Passey

Sometimes inspiration hits you at the strangest of times. This time I had a straight rum on the rocks and was relaxing at Nuts Huts with my friends along the bamboo bar in Bohol. Darkness drew all around us and looking over the balcony I saw these insects and fell in love. Was just lucky enough to have a pen and paper handy so my snippet of a memory could be recorded.  Life is about all the little things and I never wish to overlook anything, even life so small.

Travelling around the Visayas earlier this year

Looking up far into the distance through the large feathered leaves of the silhouetted banana palm, a flickered glow twinkles like a drugged up satellite.

It hovers in the darkness of the sky amongst a backdrop of stationary submissive stars.

These gems of an insect float like fairies made out of pure diamond and drift in slow motion, turning your attentive glance into a besotted trance of a stare.

Like a calm fire that occasionally spits out an ember which dances in the sky, flickering light until it delicately fades into nothing.

The firefly taunts you and wonders out of sight but only for a split second as it reappears to meander once more amongst the darkness of the night.

Each little glowing entity of energy represents a soul in the search for something.
Magical little things.

Squiggled drunken notes, they say the best writers, poets, artists in the world have influences of the narcotic variety!

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