Cambodian Spell

Cambodian Spell – Poem by Chloe Passey December 2014 This poem was written during our stay in Battambang in Cambodia. Myself and my partner had reached an all time low after bouts of food poisoning and sickness, ending up stuck in a bed in a crappy room at a guesthouse. Enough time has passed now in order to not worry the mum for me to post this 😉 (I was OK…really!) Although I have no regrets at all, for without being ill, I would have not been inspired to write this poem. Thank you dodgey water!  I never thought I … Continue reading Cambodian Spell

The flight of the firefly

The flight of the firefly By Chloe Passey 20/01/2015 Phillipines Sometimes inspiration hits you at the strangest of times. This time I had a straight rum on the rocks and was relaxing at Nuts Huts with my friends along the bamboo bar in Bohol. Darkness drew all around us and looking over the balcony I saw these insects and fell in love. Was just lucky enough to have a pen and paper handy so my snippet of a memory could be recorded.  Life is about all the little things and I never wish to overlook anything, even life so small. … Continue reading The flight of the firefly

Something more than sterling.

‘Something more than sterling’ Poem written by Chloe Passey sat on the bus from Vang Vieng to Vientiane Sat 25th October 2014 Saving for years, to get enough money, Dreaming of sea, rivers and skies that are sunny. At first it was great and all I had dreamed, Now nearly two months and things not what they seemed. A budget is hard, the pounds they don’t last, Working 9-5, I felt richer in the past! Selfish and greedy, I just want to shop, But wallet being so tight, I buy nothing, I must stop. These feelings of want, desire, build … Continue reading Something more than sterling.

Nakhon Ratchasima,

Nakhon Ratchasima, decided last minute spontaneously in the morning, over a thick, sweet, gooey pancake in Pak Chong. A short pit stop and a mission of a journey to see some ruins on the top of an old extinct volcano. It sounded romantic! We headed for the Bangkok Bank instructed by our hotel owner. Where a bus will stop and pick us up…brilliant! Walking down impossible streets, up and down, around and ducking under awnings we reach it. 10 minutes late for the 8.00am bus, damn!! Standing in the motorcycle parking area on the side of the road we wait … Continue reading Nakhon Ratchasima,

Khao Yai National Park, off the roads and into the jungle

A swim with the locals in a natural spring, watching as the adventurous locals dive fearlessly in off the muddy sides. The waters clear to the bottom, and Thai silver baht coins shimmer on the floors, probably dropped out of people’s pockets. The temperature was cool and refreshing and every so often, I would accidentally put my feet along the floor, touching the silt covered tree roots, slimy and weird on the toes, enough to make you swim squeamishly away! (well for me anyway) Then to the caves where we enter a small locked black gate, screeching as it’s unlocked. … Continue reading Khao Yai National Park, off the roads and into the jungle